News Aware

A complete online news and CMS solution.

News Aware is a complete online solution for news and media organizations. It's a powerful web management tool and Content Management Solution (CMS) that will help you regulate your news online.

Let your news website shine with the latest HTML5 technology, mobile phone and tablet compatibility and many interactive elements. The modules and tools included: blogging & comment management, advanced search tools, breaking news, ad management, photo gallery, members' only pages, content scheduling, RSS Feeds, mailing lists, analytics and more!

News Aware will help you build open communities around your news content, connect with your readers, and grow your audience and site traffic. When you combine our powerful automation and syndication features with its adaptable and powerful mobile-ready design, you'll be able to connect with your users when, where, and however they prefer.

  • Configurable User Access

    Allow users to create, edit and publish articles as well as page content, email alerts, commenting moderation and other features enabled on your news site.

  • Custom integration

    We can integrate your current classifieds and archive articles into a seamless display on your news site as well as an advanced search feature.

  • Scheduled publishing

    Set a specific date and time for news articles to be published on your news site. Scheduling is also available for advertising, with a dedicated Ad Management tool.

  • Mobile Platform

    Would you like to give your readers access to news on the go? We can create a streamlined mobile version of your website, with HTML5 video and audio.


Online Newspaper Publishing Components

Newspapers face a unique challenge in the age of the internet. The web has provided an instant information portal to the Public, and the Public has come to rely on the web for information when they want it. Unfortunately, maintaining up-to-the-minute information on a website can be difficult for many Newspapers. In these times of stretched thin personnel and budget resources, hiring a web programmer to maintain the website may be unrealistic.

The News Aware online application was developed to empower Newspapers with the ability to maintain current website content themselves, and to do it quickly and easily. Current information is key to the value of a website designed to serve the public, and the Content Management System allows instant updates to your website, to release the information as it becomes available.

The Content Management System Software is web-accessed, not requiring any extra software, and can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet. The secure log-in ensures only those individuals with permission are able to access the Software. There is no need for the Newspaper's IT department to worry about licensing or performing upgrades with web-accessed software, we do that for you.

Public Aware offers Newspapers a complete website solution: website design, site hosting, technical support, and the Content Management System. After developing an attractive, easy to navigate website for you, Public Aware continues to provide our web solutions through our subscription service.

With features such as automatically expiring events, agendas and minutes posting and news releases sections, communicating with the Public, providing information and service, will be less demanding than you may think, and easier than you might have imagined.

News Aware Features

  • CMS User Management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Reporter/ Editor/ Publisher Role Management
  • Content Management
  • Article Assets
  • Media Assets
  • Scheduled Content Activation
  • RSS Feeds
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Site Search
  • Advertisement Management
  • Advertisement Campaigns
  • CPM or time Duration Auto Expiring Ads
  • Online Reports
  • Advertisement Analytics
  • Mailing List Management
  • Site Membership Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Plus all of the standard Public Aware Features!

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