An Overview of Our Products

An Overview of Our Products

Public Aware is a versatile and fully managed CMS service that will transform your business.

Public Aware CMS is our premiere product, which was originally created as a Government Content Management System, it can also meet the needs of businesses, organizations in need of a high-performing website. Built using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server technology, our content management system consists of database-driven web applications developed specifically for maximizing website management efficiency. With this affordable solution, our clients are able to become directly involved in using their website as an online tool to facilitate their business functions and customer relationships.

News Aware

News Aware is a complete online solution for news and media organizations. It's a powerful web management tool and Content Management Solution (CMS) that will help you regulate your news online. Let your news website shine with the latest HTML5 technology, mobile phone and tablet compatibility and many interactive elements. The modules and tools included: blogging & comment management, advanced search tools, breaking news, ad management, photo gallery, members' only pages, content scheduling, RSS Feeds, mailing lists, analytics and more!

Property Aware

Property Aware is a fully integrated system that will allow you to build and manage your website and include your latest property listings while also providing live data from your MLS of local homes listed. Not only that, but Property Aware can provide your customers with an online booking facility for short term rentals, so you can manage your short term and long term rental properties. So whether you are a realtor looking for a system to manage your property listings, or a property management company in pursuit of an online reservation system, look no further, Property Aware can do all of this - and more!

Public Aware

  • Publish more content to your web sites, more frequently
  • Engage more team members in the content creation process
  • Reduced costs over equivalent installed solutions
  • Publish to a wide variety of formats with ease
  • Professional support and service our clients routinely rave about

Easily Manage Your Website Content


Public Aware provides content management software that is so easy to use that most users spend less than two hours learning it. Without any web training, coding knowledge or special classes, anyone can keep your website up-to-date with fresh content, new information, or specials.

Up To Date & Accessible


Users expect a website to interact with them so they can quickly find answers. They want relevant information that is updated frequently, pages that are easy to navigate and read, simple contact forms that work, and the latest trends and technologies employed.

You'll Love Your Design

You’ll receive a design that incorporates the best practices in design and website usability. Your site will not only be beautiful, but it will also provide an easy-to-navigate structure. All types of visitors will find what they need quickly.  

Many of our clients choose to enhance the graphic appeal and overall look of their website frequently to remain consistent with their print marketing materials and campaigns. With our solution content is separate from design, which is separate from functionality, so you can and keep your website looking fresh and up to date.

Technology Investment


Web technology and innovation progress rapidly. A great site today will be underperforming in a year or two. With a subscription service, you manage the content, and we manage the innovation. Monthly enhancements ensure your site is keeping up with current trends and standards. New components, functionality, and technology options will be added continually to provide you with a dynamic Web presence that meets your needs now and in the future. No complete rework of the site is ever needed. Design upgrades are seamless with our architecture that separates site content from graphic elements.

Content Development

We understand it is possible to be overwhelmed with the task of pulling all relevant content together into a meaningful and clear structure. We can help with that! Our team will analyze your existing site and provide recommendations on navigation structure and content.

We will also work with you to ensure that every page of your website is filled with useful and relevant content, including suggesting ways you can develop content from your existing website.

Standard Features

  • Content Editor
  • Agenda/Minutes Management
  • Staff/Board
  • Page Management
  • Quick Links
  • Auto Generated Navigation
  • News Releases
  • Document Management
  • User Management
  • Contact Forms
  • Author Collaboration
  • Content Scheduling
  • SEO & Site Analytics

Add On Features

  • Online Shopping
  • Audio & Video Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Mailing List Management
  • Shared Content
  • Blog
  • Member Commenting
  • Public Calendar
  • Comment Moderation
  • Emergency Notification
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Advertisement Management
  • Rotating Homepage Images
  • News Management
  • Members' Only Pages
  • Site Search
  • Jobs/ Volunteer Opportunities
  • Advanced SEO & Analytics
  • Homeland Security Alerts
  • Many More Custom Features

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