Websites for Property Managers

One of the key responsibilities Property Managers have is to market the properties you are managing for owners, to minimize vacancies and maximize profits. In today’s high-tech, instant information world, people turn increasingly to the web for leads when they need a house, apartment, or vacation rental. A website to showcase the properties and units you currently have available is the ideal way to market on the web, however, the cost of hiring a company or individual to manage a website for you can be quite a financial bourdon, and managing a site yourself, if you have the knowledge, is far too time consuming.

Public Aware provides a web solution for Property Managers. With Public Aware’s online application, you can maintain and update properties as frequently as you need to, quickly and easily. Providing the most accurate assortment of properties currently available is cornerstone to the purpose of your site, matching great tenants with the properties you have. The Content Management System provided by Public Aware allows instant updates to be made to your site, allowing your site to work for you, showing properties to your clients from the comfort of their homes.

Designed to be used by those without techie knowledge, the Public Aware system is easy to use, and will be intuitive to most people with basic computer skills. With the un-intimidating and simple Content Management System, you or an Administrative Assistant could easily make changes to the site, add, remove, or update property listings. The system allows users to instantly make changes to the website, without requiring any prior knowledge of HTML or other web programming languages.

The Content Management System Software is web-accessed, and does not require any additional software or hardware be installed upon the computer. All that is required to access the Content Management System is a computer connected to the internet. This means updates can be made in the office, at home, or while on the road. With web-accessed software, you never need to worry if you have the latest updates for the software, we handle that for you.

Public Aware offers Property Managers a complete web solution: website design, site hosting, technical support, and the Content Management System. After developing an attractive, easy to navigate site for you, Public Aware continues to provide our solutions through our subscription service.

There are many advantages to the Public Aware subscription service. You are provided with the benefit of predictable billing for all of the services required to keep the website up and running; no unexpected expenses. You will also have the benefit of a long-term relationship with one company, which has been there from the initial design and implementation of the site; and one person to call for any customer service relating to the website.

With features such as property photo albums, searchable property data bases and downloadable and printable forms or applications, showcasing your properties will be less demanding than you may think and easier than you might have imagined.

For Property Managers, we offer the following website features that can be integrated into the Content Management System Software:
  • Searchable Property Data Base
  • Property Mapping Features
  • Property Photo Albums
  • Random-Loading Featured Listings
  • Favorite Properties Saving
  • Property Inquiry Forms
  • Print to PDF Functions